Happy Easter 2024!


You have found the cheese-egg (egg-cheese?) for the 2024 Easter egg hunt!  Congratulations! And is that the Easter bunny?

No! It’s a mouse disguised as a bunny! But it looks like all that cheese has attracted a whole hoard of mice!  You wouldn’t want to take one home with you would you?

By the way, they LOOK like mice but they don’t really act like it, they act more like…cats? Different kinds of cats, what you get is a bit of a surprise!  Some are shy, some are fierce, some are finicky, some are loyal, some are feisty, some are playful, and some are prissy.  You never know what you’re going to get with a mouse!  Be careful, they might even hunt the “wild” mice in your game! Girls started out with bows then I forgot halfway through, the rest aren’t all boys.

All adopted, but with all this cheese more mice could appear soon!

Just send an e-mail with which one you’d like to emmer@waybackpetz.com

Oh, and you are probably looking for this cute little stamp are you?  The dog on it is a special code for the maze!

Bonus: Alternate cheese-egg design that didn’t get used but feel free to collect just for fun.