Hacks and Hexing Tools

Litter Maker – a program that allows you to pick a color for each body part and the program will show you how it looks like, but it won’t hex

Runaway Rescue – restores any runaway pet so you can play with it again

Dogz/Catz Hexer – these were the first programs to allow users not familiar with hex code to edit files directly

Breed File Converter – convert a file from one Petz version to another

PetzA – the program that changed Petz forever, it allows instant breeding, can force infant petz to be adults immediately, and offers “brain sliders” to quickly modify petz needs. It also fixes many issues in the games which can cause problems with newer versions of Windows

LNZ Pro – this program replaces the old Hex Editors, not only making editing easier, but includes a Pet Editing Manual as well with direct links from the files you are editing

Tinker – a program to edit toys, clothes, on-shelf graphics, playscene items, and other filmstrips as well as allow all toys to show up in the Petz 5 toycase

Pet Workshop – point and click breed file editor that allows you to change linez, add paintballz, edit colors, and more – no knowledge of hex code needed

Anchor Utility – his program goes through your paintball codes fresh from Petz Workshop and adds the appropriate texture codes and anchors it for you.

Spot Generator – This program allows you to generate completely a series of spot codes. Just enter the color, texture, and balls you want to get spots, and the number per ball (this is important) and you are good to go!

Petz Database – This program will allow you to track your pet’s progress across multiple sites, with the various points, show titles, and so much more. All information is saved in a computer friendly text file that can be sent with pets when they travel to their new homes.

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Hex Editors

AXE (Advanced Hex Editor) – a popular hex editor

Hex Workshop – shareware hex editor which features a checksum facility

ResHacker – freeware, use for Win 32 resource files only (Petz 2-5 .dog or .cat files etc)

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Image Editors

Petz Pic Factory – automatically extracts the adoption center picture from .pet files in the same folder as the program

Silver’s Pet2bmp – extracts a picture out of a PF.Magic Petz II or Petz 3 .pet file into a .bmp

MK&C’s Pet2bmp – this program to loads a .pet file and extracts a .bmp file for all Petz programs

IrfanView – offers Batch Conversion to convert an entire folder from .bmp to .gif

GIMP – downloadable program for merging and editing photos

Pixlr – free online editor

PetzA – in addition to the features mentioned above, this also allows you to automatically save all pictures taken with the in-game camera as .png or .gif instead of the default .bmp

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WinZip – zip and unzip your file instantly, most files are zipped for easy downloading

7-Zip – freeware, similar to winzip (in my opinion, it is better – and free)

Pet2ply – allows you to create ply files and html pages for a .pet file (this only works with petz3 pet files)