Serial Numbers

The use of serial numbers to unlock a demo of the game was a new concept with Petz. As the games became older, UbiSoft released a serial number for each of the first 4 games, which still work to unlock the games. Since they were published on the official web site, they allow people who haven’t purchased the game (or who now can’t) to play the game for free.

The following information was originally published on the Online Support Page.

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FAQ: I’ve lost my serial number to Catz, Dogz, Catz II, or Dogz II.
Answer: Try these:

  • Dogz: 9001-5025-3220
  • Catz: 1287-5787-1258
  • Dogz II: 2111-8929-9494
  • Catz II: 3113-5687-8858

FAQ: Do you have the serial numbers for Catz 3, Dogz 3, Catz 4, or Dogz 4?
Answer: These products did not use serial numbers. You probably have Windows XP, which prompts for this information. Simply leave it blank and click “Okay.”

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Ubi Soft gave permission to publish the following Oddballz serial numbers for those of you you have either lost it over time or bought one of the later, repackaged games that was sold without this vital number included.

6601 – 9787 – 6911
5467 – 1591 – 4595

Either of the two numbers should work, but these serials are only valid for the full version of the game.