Wayback Petz is a site dedicated to preserving as much of the traditional Petz community as possible.  Raising the original PF Magic breeds, preserving some of the old websites that bring back fond memories, offering shows and adoptions “old style” and just bringing back memories while hopefully giving old players a little nostalgia and helping newer players see the history of the game. The name comes from the Wayback Machine, which I’ve used excessively the past few years (this project actually began in 2017) to be able to find information from the past.  It just seemed fitting.
With the exception of my pet pictures, adoption pictures, etc. I’m using entirely graphics from the Web Fun Pack to decorate the site just bring a little more of that nostalgia back.  Enjoy and relive the memories!

What would a petz site be without a chatbox?  It seems like every site had one!  Feel free to leave me a note that you dropped by!

Any questions, comments, problems, etc. feel free to shoot me an e-mail.  I also host sites – even sites that have been down and gone for a while!  Just let me know, I’d prefer that you put something Petz-related in the subject just so I know what it is about!

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