Catz for Game Boy Color

PF. Magic’s popular virtual pet series makes its Game Boy Color debut in this handheld adaptation of Catz. Players can adopt digital versions of a calico, Persian, or Siamese kitten from an in-game pet store before naming and then caring for their animal in and out of a playpen. As in most games in the genre, players must monitor a number of traits to help care for their pet as well as develop a feeding schedule and make time to play with or groom the animal.

Achieving high rankings in categories such as affection, health, and energy will not only ensure a cat’s long life but also increase the number of available toys, supplies, and other items for players to use. Each cat can also be immortalized in a hall of fame after being retired, and different breed variants will gradually open up as players become more proficient in raising their pet. Every game of Catz comes with a distinct toy, such as a wind-up mouse or jingle bell, that can be traded with other Catz owners using the Infrared Communications Port.