Graphics were a huge part of the petz community.  In the late 90’s and early 2000’s websites were full of shiny graphics, often animated, the more colorful, the better!  As such, Petz websites were filled with graphics and often had graphics for others to collect in one way or another.  This is a page dedicated to those graphics I’ve found.  As this is Wayback Petz, these are all graphics from older, no longer existent websites for preservation (and let’s be honest, bragging) purposes.

Find It games were super popular, where the site owner hid a graphic or other link on their site and when the viewer found it and clicked, they’d often win a graphic as well as a toy or pet or other bonus download that couldn’t be gotten elsewhere.  As a side note…where did I put the paint can that goes with this paint brush?!

Sometimes when petz won placements in shows, they would be awarded Show Awards, which were custom graphics, often including the petz’ picture on it.

There were a huge number of Miscellaneous graphics that could be downloaded.  From cliques to banners to avatars to just randomness.

Check back soon as I hope to have some graphics of my own to share!