Less Common Selective Bred Catz Breed Standards


Originally written by Krista at 360º, preserved by Chestnut

Appearance: this catz are entirely calico shaped and they can be solid or bicoloured. Their eyelids and eyes can be any natural colour. They can be fuzzy or have a regular coat. If the body is not 100% calico then the cat won’t qualify as a phantom.

Markings: phantoms have alley markings only. They need alley spots and patches and also a grey muzzle which can’t be missed or the can’t won’t fit the standard. Other markings apart from the alley’s are not allowed, this includes calico patches. The body must have at least a few spots and a grey muzzle, though cream patches don’t have to be all over the body, though they are a plus.

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Originally written by Luli at Chestnut.

Appearance: the structure of the tempus is majorly a calico’s, although the ears can be from any catz breed. The tail must be either persian/chinchilla persian, coon, oshie, tabby or calico. The coat is strictly striped. Any eyelid or eye colour is accepted.

Body: Calico
Personality: Calico
Body colour: white
Markings colour: any acceptable
Ears: any acceptable
Eyelids: any acceptable
Eye Colour: any acceptable
Markings: must have a coloured muzzle (different from the coat colour) and/or a chest patch and/or a tailtip
Other markings:The breed is still being tested, since more markings or variations might show up with the texture.