Catz 4

Nine lives are barely enough for all the fun you’ll find in the latest Catz® adventures!

The world famous virtual Petz™ are back and friskier than ever! Catz 4® takes your whiskered friends on a wild romp through time and space to visit a circus, a winter wonderland . . . even a saloon of the Wild West! Even create your own with the playscene editor. Tons of great new accessories, costumes, and toyz ensure that your traveling Catz always arrive in style. With new voice-recognition technology (microphone required*) you can talk to your Catz and they’ll actually respond. Try that with a real cat!


Catz 4 explores exciting new lands:

Circus – Travel through time and space to Eastern Europe where you train your Catz to perform tricks under the Big Top in the Circus.
Wild West – Watch out for tumble weeds as your Catz amble down a dusty street.
South Sea Island – Hunt for pirate treasures on this island paradise.
Arabian Desert – The intrigue of Arabian nights calls for you and your Catz as you uncover the mysteries of a desert oasis.
Winter Wonderland – Play outdoors in the snow where sledding is a must and hot soup is a welcome treat.

New Costumes. New Accessories. New Toys: New costumes offer even more fun and creativity with pirate hats, bandannas, sheriff’s badge and more. With new accessories and toyz, the fun goes on and on.

Travel Diary: Record your Petz adventures in the travel diary!

Voice Recognition: Actually communicate with your cuddly critters using new voice-recognition technology. (microphone required*)

Play Scene Editor: Create your own custom scenes with the Play Scene Editor.

New Friends: Hopping into the fun are bunniez!

Catz 4 is compatible with earlier Catz versions, so go ahead and upgrade—your old friends can come right along! Dogz® (sold separately) are welcome, too! *Microphone not included in certain versions of Catz.

System Requirements

Platform: PC
Operating System: Windows® 95/98
Media: CD ROM
CPU: Pentium® 166Mhz or higher
RAM:32MB minimum
Other: 300MB Hard Drive Space
Video: 256-color video card and monitor; 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
Sound: Soundblaster or compatible 16-bit sound card with DirectX compatible drivers