Petz Dictionary


Original list taken from All Petz Community, Dianes Kennelz, and Supernova, then updated and revised to add new terms. Any term with a * is now obscure/no longer used.


AAC*Auto Adoption Center, a web site where you could upload .pet files for credits, which you could then use to “buy” new and different petz.
Adoption Application – You will sometimes need to fill out one of these to apply for a pet that you would like to adopt.
AC – Adoption Center or Alley Cat
Alley Cat – Original breed released with Petz 3 (and as a special download for Petz II)
Appy – Short for Application, see Adoption Application
Aussie – Short for Australian shepherd
AXE* – Advanved Hex Editor, a hex editor used to hex petz


Babyz – Another game by PF.Magic, where you take care of babies
BC – Short for Babyz Community or Border Collie
BMD – Short for Bernese Mountain Dog, a hexed breed
BMG* –
Short for The Breedmakers’ Guild, a club that registers breeds made by selective breeding (more about selective breeds under “selective breed”)
.BMP – type of picture, often not allowed due to large file size
Bump – means one is “bumping” up their post to make people see it; mostly done on Adoptions and shows; often done with infamous [missing image] icon
BW, B+W – B&W Shorthair

C – Calico
Cali – Calico
Chatspeak – Use of R, U, 2, 4 etc. as words.
Corrupted Thread – Can be fully or semi. Does not show correct date or # of posts. Fully cannot be posted in; Semi can. Unknown cause.
CP – Chincilla Persian
Cally – Ally cat/Calico Mix

Dali – Short for Dalmatian
Dali Pose – For dogz, in shows, legs aligned, head facing you and aligned with front legs as much as possible
Dane Pose – For dogz, in shows, legs aligned, one eye showing on head, good carriage of head
DL – Desert Lynx
Double Pose – For dogz, when a dog goes into a second pose without coming out of the first, the chest is greatly enlarged and the neck, tail, and legs are often wonky – not allowed in shows
Double-posting – the process of posting two posts one right after another, regardless of whether they say the same thing or not

EM – Egyptian Mau
e-mail addy – e-mail address

furfile – file made by hexer to add texture to a breed

.GIF – type of picture, small file size, often doesn’t distort anything (preferred)
GSD – German Shepherd Dog
GS – Variation of GSD, German Shepherd.
Gypsy – a cat with the body of a calico and two colors in the fur. One color should dominate, and the other should only appear on one jowl, one ear, one foot, and one band on the tail

HB – Honey Bear
Hex – Hexidecimal (I believe?) editing of a pet, breed, toy, etc. to make something new
Hexer – One who hexes petz, breedz, etc.
Hexie – A hexed pet, normally either hexed by itself (AKA .pet file hexing), or coming from a hexed breed

Inbreeding – When members of the same family are bred together.

JB – Japanese Bobtail
.JPG – type of picture, distorts the image and is often not liked for shows
JRT – Jack Russell Terrier


Leppie* – Leopard Shepherd, a hexed dogz breed from Moonoracle

MC – Maine Coon
Meez* – Siamese
Meezer – Siamese
Mixie – Mixed Breed
Mods – Moderators. Those nice people who help take care of the board.
MPA – My Petz Adoptions-someone’s personal petz that they have decided to put up for adoption
MPC- Meezer Pointed Calico

Non-OW – non-overwriting

OS, OSH – Orange Shorthair
Oshie – Orange Shorthair
OW – Overwriting

PA* – Petz Auctions
Pr – Persian
PC – Petz Community, NOT Personal Computer
P.F. Magic – original makers of the Petz series
PFM – Used to refer to PF Magic, usually in reference to the original breeds
.pet file – Your precious pet is one of these
POL – Pick Of The Litter, the best pet from a litter
Prefix – used in shows to show who owns/bred/created the pet, it comes before the name
.PNG – type of picture, smallish file size, doesn’t distort images
PWS – Pet Workshop


RB – Russian Blue
Ruskies* – Russian Blue

SF – Scottish Fold
Si – Siamese
Siamese Pose – special siamese pose that can be shown sometimes
Siggy – Signature
Smudgie* – A petz picture that has been smudged to give the effect of real fur.
Standard Pose – For Catz, in shows, front legs aligned, eyelids even, tail curved toward the body, generally right facing.

Tamsin – Mutt/Dalmatian mix with special standards
Tasmin – Misspelling of Tamsin; last time I checked, Tasmin was either an island or a Tasmanian Devil
Taggy* – Tag-board
Title – Something you put in front of a Petz show name that shows how many show points they have. Eg. GCh for Grand Champion when the pet has 15 or more points.
TPB* – The Petz Board; currently closed, I believe

UbiSoft – The creators of Petz 5
Ubi GS – The German Shepherd that comes with Petz 5


Wildz – Petz files that have been hexed to look like wild animals
WIP – Work In Progress, a term commonly used by hexers