Should Virtual Pets Die?

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The release of Bandai’s “Tomagotchi” and Tiger Electronics’ “Giga Pets” on American toy store shelves this month brings a serious mortality question to the kennel – “to be or not to be?” The life expectancy of these virtual pets is dependent on how long their hearts, or batteries, keep pumping – usually only about 100 days. Can the children of America handle the trauma of a premature ending to their relationships with their virtual furry friends? Does it have to end this way? Is there any solution to this imminent epidemic of heartbreak?

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding “yes.” PF.Magic, a pioneer in interactive pet technology, has brought happiness to children and adults around the globe for the past two years with its “Computer Petz” line. Computer Petz, which have sold more than 750,000 units since 1995, include “Dogz,” “Catz” and wacky creatures called “Oddballz.” These Petz live on your computer desktop, and like their Tamagotchi and Giga Pet descendants, develop based on the amount of love and attention they receive from their owners. Artificial Intelligence serves as these Computer Petz’ virtual brain, and they offer all the benefits of pet ownership without the hassles of cleaning up, daily feedings or pet cemeteries.

Most importantly, Computer Petz have mastered what we can only fathom – immortality. It’s true, all Computer Petz live forever, or as long as the computer desktop on which they live keeps ticking. No dog years or nine lives here, scrappy, because there’s simply no need. Imagine everlasting life and health – or alternatively – the needless pain, suffering and sadness that accompanies every purchase of a “here today, gone tomorrow” pet key chain. The choice is yours. Put an end to the madness.

PF. Magic, from its toy and game-filled offices in San Francisco’s “Multimedia Gulch,” is known for its interactive living characters and innovative entertainment products. Since its start in 1991, the Company has developed several award-winning, cutting-edge products. In the Fall of 1995, PF.Magic introduced the best-selling Computer Petz line with Dogz. In 1996, Catz leaped onto the scene followed by those wacky Oddballz. More than 750,000 Computer Petz have been adopted around the globe and are still alive and kicking.