Less Common Selective Bred Dogz Breed Standards

There is a list of multiple breeds at the Breed Maker’s Guild – the standards still load, though it seems most (if not all) of the downloads for the original 8 of each breed is broken.

Fancy Mutt

Origin: Krista at 360º

Appearance: also known as schizos (only if they have both poodle and mutt behaviour, otherwise just fancy mutts), they were bred to have curly silky coats (poodle’s) normal mutts don’t have. Their bodies are a mutt’s, even the tail can’t be a poodle’s. They can have both poodle and mutt behaviour to fit the standard, this means they act like mutts but prance and pose like poodles. This is not needed though. Coat, eyelid and eye colours can be any as long as they are natural. The size must be a mutt’s, not a poodle or a minimized version of a mutt.

Markings: the markings on them can come from poodles and/or mutts, the muzzle must always be grey, ears can be brown or self.

Fetish Dane

Originally written by Nemo @ 360°

Fetish Danes are not very common, because their standard is very precise. They also come in a “rare” variation, which is essentially the same, but has to be fuzzy and have a poofy tail.

Body: Dane, solid or Sheepie two-toned, any natural colour, Mutt or Dalmatian markings
Head/Face: Dane, same solid colour as body, Mutt or Dalmatian markings
Muzzle: Dane, same solid colour as body, Mutt and Dane patches acceptable
Ears: Dane or Sheepie, same solid colour as body, Mutt brown or Dali black acceptable
Legs: Dane, same solid colour as body, Mutt or Dalmatian markings
Paws: Dane, same solid colour as body, Poodle, Scottie, Mutt or Dali markings
Tail: Dane or Sheepie, solid or Sheepie two-toned, Mutt and Dalmatian markings acceptable
Eyes: Dane, any natural colour
Bark: Dane
Behavior: Dane or Sheepie
Pose: Dane, Sheepie or Dali


Originally written by Doc @ Samhain, preserved by Litterz Factory

Head: Great Dane
Eye color: any acceptable
Jowls/mouth: Great Dane
Ears: Dalmatian
Body: Great Dane preferred; Dalmatian acceptable but faulted
Legs: Dalmatian, Great Dane acceptable
Feet: Dalmatian or Great Dane
Coat: any color/pattern/length acceptable
Size: may also vary

Irish Collie

Standard from Muttz 4 Sale

Eyes: Teal, Red, or Dark/Light Blue
Eyelids: Grey or White
Ears: Labrador
Coat Colour: White/Blue or White/Grey
Legs/Feet: Labrador
Tail: Sheepdog
Build: Stocky/tall, stocky/short, or thin
Pawpads: Brown
Eyesize: Large
Fur/Fuzz: Lots of fuzz