Petz 4 and Mac

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Do these links work for you?

After some more digging, I don’t think its possible. No return hits on any searches I have done, except saying to download a Windows emulator(a divider). All of the patches are made for Windows as well.

doesn’t look like you can run petz on a native Mac OS but you can install either Windows dual boot, or install VMware or Parallels and then run Windows through that. Both solutions require you to buy and install a copy of Windows, and VMware and Parallels aren’t free. Or use to connect to a PC that has it installed.

Wait… so if I install Petz on the Windows computer we have in the office, I can just access it through my Mac? Like, without having to install Windows or anything? o_o


I think it means you would be able to access the PC, and play petz on the PC, from your Mac. So the PC would have a “ghost” playing it.


Yup it’s called remote desktop. I don’t know enough about it to know whether someone else can use the office PC at the same time and you just access the files; from what I’ve seen when IT use remote desktop on my work PC they basically see my computer screen on their screen and I sit and watch them move my cursor around.


Yeah, when I am computer-retarded(or my laptop is just bad!), Chase uses remote desktop to fix it. But I have no idea what it looks like when you are the user.


you could buy an external hdd and install windows onto it and just boot from the external wen u want to play petz or you could use paralells or vmware to run petz in windows in an actual window in mac os x. or bootcamp your mac.

or if u are an amazing person you will just buy a pc. WAHPAH! lol

General consensus – more trouble than it’s worth