Catz are the next in line of Your Computer Petz, following in the successful pawprints of Dogz. Catz live on your computer and they don’t mind sharing it with you. You can play with them and watch them stalk the mouse across your documents. In screen-saver mode they enjoy taking CatNapz.

You don’t have to believe all the hype you hear from PF.Magic about Catz – here you can get it straight from the press and from Catz owners around the world.

Catz Functionz

  • Petting – Some Catz like to be slowly stroked; some perhaps prefer more scratching action.
    You can pet your Catz any way you like.
  • Camera- Capture your Catz’ exceptional talents and tricks.
  • Make Adoption Kits – Share Catz with your friends!
  • Help – Everything you need to know about Catz. You can also get help from Catz Help Online
  • Screen Saver and Password – Catz in screen-saver mode (catching up on a little Catnapz)
    prevents monitor burn-in, and also offers the option of password protection.

PF. Magic’s Catz Ready to Pounce Onto Computer Desktops in May PF.Magic Expands Computer Petz Line with Catz

Leaving claw marks on your desktop – I think I really have seen all the weirdness that the software industry can offer. I’ve barely recovered from the cow flinging madness of Earthworm Jim, and along comes.. this.. this thing. Actually, ‘desktop pet’ would probably be a better description. For Catz does indeed offer you the chance to have your own little virtual kitty. Without pausing to ask ‘Why?’, PF Magic have created, using the same engine as their previous title Dogz (what next? Cowz? Lizardz? Sharkz?), a veritable desktop menagerie.

The catz of the title live in your Windows workspace, and do all sorts of cattish things, with the noticeable exception of clawing your icons to shreds, or leaving unpleasant pools in the corners of your desktop. There is even a selection of kitty toys, with which to amuse the said animal. And with 6 kitties to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sarcasm? Surely not. But anyway, it is a vaguely amusing thing, and can double as a screensaver. You can download a trial version from the Catz web site, at Go on. Adopt a Catz (I can’t believe I just said that…) – Games Domain

PETS: Pausible Paws – The popularity of PF. Magic’s Dogz, which installs a virtual pooch on your hard
drive, shows that pets, real or otherwise, are irresistible. Now there’s Catz ($19.95,, the feline follow-up. Once you’ve “adopted” your kitten, it’s your job
to feed, love and play with her (the jingle ball is the best toy). Imbued with just
enough artificial intelligence to win over your better judgment, Catz will have you
cooing at your PC in no time. – Jennifer Tanaka and N’Gai Croal, Newsweek Magazine

Cat and Mouse – They sniff, they stalk. They even purr. They’re the felines of Catz, avaliable on CD-ROM
(PF.Magic) or on the Web ( Audible purrs, but no smelly box. – People Magazine

 The Virtual Hairball Award РCatz (PF.Magic), this years companion to Dogz, is a computer program that lets you adopt pets, play with them and watch them grow Рall on your computer screen. Filled with cute sounds and animation. And no kitty litter.

 Hairballs Not Included These digital felines behave just like their real-life counterparts: They romp, purr, scratch, and play. They also sometimes catch (and torture) their little mouse playmate. РWindows Sources Magazine