Dogz for Game Boy Color

Turn your Game Boy into a ball-chasing, whisker-licking good time with Dogz!

Get ready for all the friendly begging and playful tricks your Dogz will play with you when you let them loose on your Game Boy! Intelligent, expressive and full of personality, Dogz are great for pet owners in training, as you learn to feed, play and teach tricks. Just like a real life pet, your Dogz will keep you smiling

Adopt Three Dogz, Each with Their Own Personality!
You’ll get three adoptable Dogz, including:

  • The energetic and cute Chi-Chi the Chihuahua
  • The bouncy and intelligent Scrappy the Mutt
  • The playful and sometimes naughty Chip the Scotty

Collect Toyz & Accessories for Your Dogz!
You’ll get an assortment of basic play items, plus one randomly selected special toy. Collect more Toyz and accessories by sharing with other Dogz owners via infrared transfer.Toyz and accessories include:

  • Flea Spray —Your Dogz will avoid these pesky critters with a few spritzes.
  • Brush—The perfect tool for keeping your Dogz clean and happy.
  • Water Bowl — For giving your Dogz a cool drink after long play sessions.
  • Food Bowl — Your Dogz depends on you for food, so keep the food dish full!
  • Bottle — Great for soothing distressed Dogz.
  • Pillow — Forget the hard cold floor! Dogz prefer the pillow.
  • Spray Bottle —Use it on your Dogz when they misbehave.
  • Rubbber Bone — Your Dogz will love to chew on this popular toy.! ·
  • Bone Treatz — Reward your good Dogz with their favorite treat.

Collect Special Toyz
Catz comes with one of the randomly selected special Toyz listed below. But you can collect them all by trading with other players.

  • Flying Disc—Dogz go crazy chasing the disc!
  • Jingle Bell — Watch your Dogz chase after this fun toy.
  • Tug Toy — It’s plenty of chewing and pulling fun for your Dogz.
  • Ball –— Watch your Dogz chase the ball.
  • Teddy Bear –— A cute friend for your Dogz.
  • Mouse — Let the chase begin when the mouse is loose!
  • Special Bonus Toy — We can’t tell you what it is—you’ll have to find out for yourself!