Dogz 4

Now You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

The world famous virtual Petz™ are back and as rambunctious as ever. Dogz® 4 takes your whiskered friends on a wild romp through time and space to visit a south seas island and even a palace in Arabia! Tons of great new accessories, costumes, and toyz ensure that your traveling Dogz always arrive in style. With new voice-recognition technology (microphone required*) you can talk to your Dogz and they’ll actually respond. Because you can import Dogz from previous versions, you can teach your old Dogz new tricks like “bang”!


Dogz 4 explores exciting new lands:
Circus – Travel through time and space to Eastern Europe where you train your Dogz to perform tricks under the Big Top in the Circus.
Wild West – Watch out for tumble weeds as your Dogz amble down a dusty street.
South Sea Island – Hunt for pirate treasures on this island paradise.
Arabian Desert – The intrigue of Arabian nights calls for you and your Dogz as you uncover the mysteries of a desert oasis.
Winter Wonderland – Play outdoors in the snow where sledding is a must and hot soup is a welcome treat.

New Costumes. New Accessories. New Toys: New costumes offer even more fun and creativity with pirate hats, bandannas, sheriff’s badge and more. With new accessories and toyz, the fun goes on and on.

Travel Diary: Record your Petz adventures in the travel diary!

Voice Recognition: Voice recognition adds an exciting new dimension of interaction to Dogz 4. Voice recognition lets you train your Dogz to “sit”, “fetch”, or “rollover”.

Play Scene Editor: Create your own custom scenes with the Play Scene Editor.

New Friends: Pigz now join your Dogz to sniff out the fun!

System Requirements

Platform: PC
Operating System: Windows® 95/98
Media: CD ROM
CPU: Pentium® 166Mhz or higher
RAM:32MB minimum
Other: 300MB Hard Drive Space
Video: 256-color video card and monitor; 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
Sound: Soundblaster or compatible 16-bit sound card with DirectX compatible drivers