Petz 1 Compatibility Fixes

Windows XP and older versions have compatibility options that should allow the program to run with no issues.

Windows 8 (32-bit) comes with a 16-bit emulation which allows Dogz/Catz 1 to work with no problem.

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Unsupported Versions

Dogz 1 and Catz 1 are 16 bit programs, which causes compatibility issues with x64 bit versions of Windows.

Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate may be able to use XP Mode, see this article for more information.

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Compatibility Mode

You may need to use the compatibility options to install or to run the program after it is installed. The directions are the same for the installation or for the program.

  • Right click on your .exe file, click “Compatibility Problems” or “Troubleshoot Compatibility”
  • Select “Troubleshoot Program”
  • Select “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now “
  • Select Windows XP (Service Pack 3), then next.
  • Click Start the program (allow any permissions it requires)

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    Win 3.1 Emulator/DOSBox